"Guy who feeds the mob boss, & has bad timing, but his bomb ass cooking skills makes up for it.”

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This How to Adult video is just SO So So So SO SO good. Thanks to Mike for making it.

"What if one of the symptoms of food poisoning was a ravenous desire to eat more spoiled oysters." That’s what depression is like. 

This guy’s words line up p closely with my own experiences. I’ve been fighting this thing for the past 20 years, with varying degrees of success at various times. I don’t talk about it too often in public for fear of seeming whiny, being discredited (“crazy emotional female, har har”), or seen as unprofessional, etc. But maybe that needs to change?

Maybe if I talk about it sometimes it’ll help somebody out there feel less alone? I’m not sure. 

Anyway, sometimes I do quick doodle comics or drawings about it, because that’s easier than writing. Here’s some: (1) (2)  (3)



And here’s the video I did! :)

My reason is that sometimes watching someone do a repetitive motion, like drawing swirls, can be pretty calming. It’s certainly calming to draw them so I hope it helps someone while watching,

I left it audio free so that you can put the music that is most calming for you.


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This short, One By One, was created by some of the creators from The Lion King as well as composed by Lebo M (the man that we can thank for the African chants that occurred throughout The Lion King).  It was originally going to be part of the many other shorts for Fantasia 2000, but sadly got scrapped.  You can find the short in the special edition DVD of The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride


Oh man, some of my older sister’s school friends are doing a youtube/vlog/kind of thing adaption of The Importance of Being Earnest.  If you’ve read it you should check it out and meanwhile I must reacquaint myself with the story somehow… @v@


imovie has a trailer-making studio and bollywood is an option 

don’t ask about the sufferer I don’t know why he’s in there. I wasn’t initially planning to share this.

clips are from manicro and after us (WHICH ISN’T FINISHED JUST YET) and I don’t know what the music is


Tumblr Songs Collection

Not a lot to say about this since all the info is handily in the video!  Here they are all in the same place.


Tumblr Songs 10/10: This is War

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I would just like to say unabashedly that I think some of the frames in here turned out really really nice.  I kind of ended up going overboard and putting more into them than I usually would, so I might publish some of them as their own pictures later. uvu

Saved this for last ‘cause it was one of the longest and most epic sound clips.  It ended up being about the violence of Alternia, mainly in the ancestors’ time… >.> (but also murderstuck, go me)

Eventually I’ll get the full video with all of these posted on YouTube and then here and you can watch ‘em all together. @v@ But that might be something for tomorrow!




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Tumblr Songs 9/10: Crash by Caravan Palace

(I’m not taking suggestions anymore!)

Drew this with the CoLab’s Felt Intermission playing.  An old favorite in terms of background listening. <3