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if this video wins 1st place, they will win 10k for their charity. it is all about breast cancer so it’s very important to me!  my mother is a breast cancer survivor, and happens to actually work for this hospital! so not only is it very important to me, it’s important to her and many other breast cancer survivors that got diagnosed and helped at the cancer care treatment center at the hospital

so if you can please signal boost this, and place your votes, then we’d so appreciate it! you can also vote once everyday!

also the video is super cute too honestly everyone is cute

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In honor of the 4th anniversary of [S] Make Her Pay here is a preview of the flash re-enactment project we’ve been working on for the past year or so! 

whoops, feferi’s url is actually tipsygnosatlgic

while I’m at it here’s the links to everyone’s blog (mouse over for who’s who):

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NEED YOUR HELP : The Music Video I directed had a ton of views, but some jerk spammed it on YOUTUBE and it got flagged and taken down, so now it has like 15 views instead of the thousands it had last week, so please give it another view and spread the word. THANKS

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I really love this bit of audio from colabhq's let's read homestuck project so I started trying to lipsync it in that Pencil program a while ago.  I'd still like to finish animating it, just…probably not in Pencil.

Don’t lipsync in Pencil.

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Tumblr Songs 6/10: I’m Ready by AJR

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Somehow this struck me irrevocably as Meulin and Kurloz.  Maybe it’s like Splickedy says and the line “I won’t forget you but I may forget your name, my lady” is just subtly weird enough to fit this creepy little ship.  Whatever the reason, I think it turned out pretty cute.

You can take this as shippy if you ship it or, since they’re apparently dead (and therefore technically long broken up) you can look at it as two close friends having fun together.  I’m not much set on any interpretation. uvu


Looking for Background Artists! (boosts welcome)

I’ll try and be brief about this but please don’t reblog the funny video and delete the text.  The text needs to be here because it’s kind of the point of this post; otherwise I wouldn’t be putting this on the internet yet.

A while ago fadeintocase was like “hey man you wanna do something” and I was like “oh man that sounds hella” and so it became that case and tooch made this gem.  The video above features only storyboards for quite a small part of the audio they sent me!

For ages I was working on other projects or school or After Us, which is still my top priority, but with a lower framerate and a couple of the other tricks I used on that Let Us Bounce video, I think I might have a shot at finishing it without dying of stress.

That said, I would really really like to have someone to do the backgrounds.  Each shot wouldn’t necessarily need a unique one and some of them could probably be abstract, anime-style.  But ngl there would be quite a few and I already have a lot on my plate so if you have time/energy/interest, please please drop me an email at with a sample of your work.  I might pick multiple people if they seem compatible.  We’ll just see how things work out. ^u^







IF YOU LOVE ANIMATION, YOU WILL LOVE THIS! One of the best edited videos I have EVER seen! The story goes so smoothly and character from your favorite movies make an appearance. The music just goes so well with the whole plot.

Why…why am I close to tears right now? Omg…


"If you love animation"? How about if you love stories??? This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!!!

Not only is this fucking beautiful but the plot is fantastic and I am DYING to see more! BRAVO! This is absolutely wonderful!! I encourage EVERYONE to watch this!!

this is the best friggin masking job I have ever seen in my life.

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Just when you thought a cat intensely chasing a laser pointer couldn’t get anymore engrossing, along comes an adorable toddler trying to help the cat get that pesky red dot. Prepare for the implosion of the entire Internet.


The human caretaker of the cat and child posted video of the encounter to YouTube. “His name is Phineas (2.5 years), the Cat is Muon (about 1 year),” the poster explained. “Phin had never seen the pointer before, and neither had Muon….My child and cat are on the same wavelength.”

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Tumblr Songs 5/10: This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race by Fall Out Boy

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Unquestionably my favorite one so far! Just kind of a callback to what I said once about how the best part of the song is when everything but the vocals and the beat drop out.



screw trying to make gifs out of these webcam videos, tumblr does not want to play them

have a hug and goodnight =u=