The artist says she used no rotoscoping whatsoever. My animation teacher refuses to believe it. Stupidhead. 

Augh, I’m half flattered and half frustrated…  

EDIT: Making it its own text post.

I am trying so hard not to pick a fight right now, but this is probably going to be a bit of a essay.  Just keep in mind that this is kind of addressing your teacher/the topic of me rotoscoping in general and I am so not mad at you, okay?  Thank you for defending my honor. :3

(Edit: It’s a bit of an essay.  -_- )

There’s nothing wrong with rotoscoping.  It seems like it would be a great learning tool—if I could even make ToonBoom cooperate.  I tried to import footage of a football player running once and rage-quit the whole process because it didn’t work.  But that’s neither here nor there. :T

This is me animating the same way I did the roughs for mambostuck.  If I refined it with the style I used in the final animation, it would likely have the same degree of naturalism and fluidity.  This is not rotoscoped.  

For Mambostuck I did use video reference, a lot of it!  I know what staggering should look like, but I needed help with Feferi, Eridan, Gamzee, Equius, and Nepeta’s entry.  (With everyone else I just winged it.)

I used how-to videos on parkour rolls, spinning juggling clubs, bo staffs, and rifles, and visual reference for boxing form.  It took me a lot of replaying to figure out what the hell the spinners were doing with their hands.  

The only section where I did any excessive copying was Dave’s. I did a lot of starting and pausing and drawing from the video.  However, I didn’t trace, and in the end I had to alter it to make it fit the music.

But I guarantee you no one could find a video that exactly matches any of these sequences.  I’m not even sure Terezi and Nepeta’s are physically possible, and I had to change a lot of the rough animation because it was kind of horrible. And that was a result of my own stiff flow of action, not bad rotoscoping.

I had no idea this was going to be a thing when I started this animation, but I get all fired up over people who think I’m lying. -_-

tl;dr Toasty gets way too passionate defending herself.