why would you say that?

Because I think it still makes sense without commas, but it’s a fact that they help.


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it makes more sense with a comma? “so if by the time the bar closes, you feel like falling down”

it’s true that commas help to distinguish clauses.

"so if by the time the bar closes you feel like falling down" doesn’t quite make sense either though…..how would that make sense without the and? (Just curious because im not getting it. :C)

It’s like the sentence “so if you feel like falling down by the time the bar closes” but with the clauses flipped.

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edskudder and I got to do a music video for ifc's Garfunkel and Oates show and are so excited it’s out!

If you don’t already know them, Garfunkel and Oates is made up of Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome and they are so extremely funny and talented. They also have written several musical comedy albums out that crack me up. Check out their show on IFC every Thursday at 10. :D

This made me really happy and emotional and the video is lovely. <3


also while we’re talking pet peeves, that one line in We Are Young by fun. where he goes “so if by the time the bar closes and you feel like falling down, I’ll carry you home tonight” SHOULD NOT HAVE AN AND IN IT it messes up the grammatical structure entirely

what the heck fun.





HOW do you even draw Darkleer man, like… wth I just can’t

You’re not supposed to draw him in detail, he must always be depicted as a dark, mysterious, shadowy silhouette of mystery and darkness

hmmmm, I understand




the one thing that does bother me is when people tout ancestor headcanons that may or may not be true as pure fact.  any headcanon actually tbh. you can use different progressions of logic to support totally different ideas and they can still be totally legit.  I get if the popular view of a character pisses you off, but that doesn’t make yours any more likely to be canon.

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Found a manga called Butter!!! which is primarily about a school’s ballroom dance club but also touches pretty tactfully on topics like anxiety and bullying.  Only thirteen chapters, though… ;u;


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Catastrophe!  Tragedy!  Injury!  Intensely brave young characters!  Dramatic twists!  Badass fight scenes!  Uncontainable family feelings!  People calming each other down in a moiraillegiance kind of way!

Like a turtle do.


speaking as a fairly new member of the tmnt2k12 fandom that finale destroyed me completely. damn.

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