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okay, sorry for stressing you out! I did not mean to :(

oh no, not at all!  I was already tired and headachey.  I was just worried cuz I didn’t want to be all putting down everyone’s theories and stuff.  it is not your fault.  @v@ but I’m always up for shooting ancestor ideas around! 


haaaa okay I’m so tired rn I have a big pressure headache and I am discussing things I do not understand????? I need to sleep and we can talk again in the morning my toastitos

the ancestors are a big mystery don’t make the mistake of thinking I know what I’m doing here

it’s all theory


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Yeah, thats true. And redglare’s following of the signless could be tied to her sign, being that she wants equality and balance for all blood castes

oh man, I could totally see that! what a great way of looking at it, oh mannnnn


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I think that mindfang would have participated in both uprisings just to piss off dualscar

wwwwweeelll he was dead before the second one but yeah idk about the first one…  I don’t really have the brain cells to weigh what we know about her morality/her behavior towards the dolorosa(?) against the lengths she might go to for the purposes of blackrom

it is a mystery to me ;u;

I was just saying, that could be why she helped with the Summoners rebellion

oh, I gotcha

see, though, I think neither redglare nor mindfang can have had too much motivation purely in terms of caste oppression.  It’s stated that each caste put down the one directly below it, all the way down the hemospectrum, but they’re both pretty close to the top.  And since there seems to be a distinction between seadweller and highblood (at least in equius’s mind) they might be even closer to the “top” than it would seem?

That said, mindfang does seem to have a real dislike of authority and government.  dunno if it’s a blood thing but there’s probably some of that in there given how integral it seems to be to troll society

haha oh god look at all them paragraphs I’m so sorry

I need to go to bed I swear I’m not mad or anything


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So is cerulean, though.

well ye there are a variety of middling blood colors, I’m just sayin

teal’s in there


bloodinner said: Oh wow, that catastrophe pun is on the best of tumblr fb page haha XD



dreadtroll said: it just hit me the other day way redglare was a follower of the signless. because when terezi was asked why she wasn't playing with the other highbloods, she responded with "i'm too teal for their tastes"

ye, it seems like teal is like…troll middle class.  


loudtrollinator said: I think that person was possibly talking about the alternia ancestors without Mr. VanillaMilkshakes getting his puppet hands into everything. In the non Sgrub ancestor post.

mmmm that would explain it.  That would certainly be very interesting!